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for your academic institution

To compare multiple plagiarism-detection and -prevention solutions, it is crucial that you have an overview of the different services and features offered by the providers. In order to assist you in your process, Compilatio offers a comparative rubric, ready for use. In the form of a checklist to fill out, the rubric saves you time to focus on the essentials, so you can easily choose the best anti-plagiarism solution according to your educational goals and needs.

Download the anti-plagiarism solutions evaluation rubric

Help with raising awareness

Does the service provider provide pedagogical resources to increase awareness of copyright compliance?


Does the service provider commit to implement services and monitor and support the institution throughout the project?

Detection software

Does the service provider provide high-quality similarity detection software that can be used in an educational way?

Security and reliability

Does the service provider guarantee sufficient regulatory security and reliability?


Is the service provider transparent and consistent about its pricing policy?

Download the plagiarism-prevention provider comparative rubric

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