Compilatio commits itself to the planet on a daily basis

Compilatio strives to be an actor for environmental protection.

 In order to do so, some members of the Compilatio team began implementing simple environmental protection actions and adopting an eco-responsible approach. We welcomed new ideas and pitches from team members and began doing so as company policy.

This allowed us to established a list of daily action points that can make a difference:

Give priority to committed and local service providers;

> Make sure to purchase recycled and/or recyclable and/or biodegradable supplies;

> Make sure that only the lights that are strictly necessary are switched on;

> Do not over-consume on domestic heating;

> Separating waste at the source: paper, cardboard, glass, etc.;

> Limit data storage (which consumes energy and generates a carbon footprint);

> Use a font with holes to consume less ..

Your ideas on everyday actions are welcome. Please write them in the comment section.

 Despite all this, we wanted to go further. We wanted to think big to create real change. We therefore looked for a solution to have a more concrete and visible impact. Led by Frédéric Agnès, the idea of becoming part of th 1% for the planet came up. We received Sonia Bourderye, 1% for the Planet Management-Assistant, who introduced us to the association.

Compilatio is committed to 1% for the Planet

1% pour la planète

The association was created in 2002 in the United States by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, former owner of Blue Ribbon Flies. 1% for the Planet brings together various associations that work for the environment and help them find funding to advance their projects.


“Environmental protection is philanthropy forgotten cause, accounting for only 3% of financial contribution. However, the environmental problems we are facing and will face are enormous.

 The 1%’s mission is to increase environmental philanthropy and increase impacts on the actions field, leed by environmental protection associations, in facilitating their fundraising.” Extract from “1% for the planet” website.

logo 1% pour la planèteMember-companies donate 1% of their annual revenues to help environmental causes growing. 1% is symbolic, but it makes big projects possible! The 510 associations approved in France are grouped into 6 main matters: Climatefood, natural areas, pollution, water and wildlife.


1% pour la planète
In order to decide on the organizations  that Compilatio will support, the entire team gathers and votes together. In order to make this system most efficient, a set of criteria have been decided upon together to facilitate our choices:


> The organization must target the root cause of the problem;

> The donation must have a real impact for the organization;

> A short-term visibility on the impact of the donation is expected;

> We should choose with our


The decisions weren’t easy; we had to choose 4 or 5 among them all. At the end, we ended up choosing extra organizations based on the difficulty we faced in deciding…

Low-Tech lab | “Innovative, useful, accessible and sustainable package”

The association offers you tutorials to manufacture low-energy-consuming technologies. In others words, it shares its knowledge with its community.

6LABS | “Child Mediators”

José Garcia is the sponsor of this association that involves young people making them spokespeople to circulate environmental values.

French Students Network for Sustainable Development | “The network incorporates student associations working for sustainable campuses”

On the REFEDD website you will find tips on how to limit the ecological impact of digital technology, tips on how to make an event, meetings and training eco-responsible. For more information, see “Compilatio Participates in the French Network of Students for Sustainable Development“.

Naturevolution | “Protecting the Lost Worlds”

The aim of this association is to protect wilderness currently forgotten by humans, while ensuring that the local population can meet their financial needs so that they are not tempted to find solutions that are damaging to the environment.

Tricycling | “The last link from the plate to the ground”

Collect and compost organic waste by bike in every city in France… inspiring, isn’t it?!” For more information, see “La Tricyclerie supported by Compilatio”.

Wildlife Angel We are the protectors of the bush and those who defend it!”

> “Wildlife Angel is a French NGO whose mission is to protect African wildlife. For many years, Africa has seen many species disappear, but also populations working out to make sure species stay alive.”

>  Coral guardian | “A non-profit international solidarity association, which works for the conservation of coral ecosystems and the communities that depend on them”

Coral guardian invites you to adopt a coral in order to be yourself an actor of change. For more information, see “Compilatio supports Coral Guardian”.

Elephant Haven | “A European sanctuary for Elephants”

Create a refuge for retired circus elephants.

Elefantasia | “Protecting the Asian Elephant”

“For more than ten years, ElefantAsia has adopted a pragmatic approach to elephant conservation, actively listening to mahouts, elephant owners and conservationists, in order to better understand and appreciate the challenges of elephant conservation in Asia.”

>  The great secret of the link | “An educational project in connection with nature”

The association is experimenting with a return to nature to enable children to reconnect with their environment.

Mountain Riders | “Sustainable mountain development”

In order to preserve the beauty of the landscape, Mountain Riders ensures that the mountain is respected. For more information, see “Compilatio participates in mountain protection with Mountain Riders”.

Bloom | “BLOOM is fully dedicated to the oceans and those who live off them”

“Our mission is to work for the common good by creating a sustainable pact between human and the sea.”

 > ASPAS | “Association for the Protection of Wild Animals”

“ASPAS works for the protection of wildlife, the preservation of natural heritage and the defence of the rights of nature users.”


Compilatio wishes to inspire other companies to join us in this movement to become actors of change.