Your plagiarism-prevention website

A turnkey website for your plagiarism prevention

Centralise resources and information

Infoplag is a "one page" website dedicated to plagiarism and customised with your school's colours, entirely created by Compilatio. Centralise and disseminate all information related to plagiarism on a turnkey website to bring more visibility to your plagiarism-prevention actions.

Your plagiarism-prevention website

Your plagiarism-prevention website, personalised and ready for dissemination

Infoplag allows you to showcase your desire for academic integrity and centralise information on plagiarism: students' rights and obligations, punishments, resources, etc. Compilatio creates your plagiarism-specific webpage in accordance with your design specifications. Then, you can personalise your content to disseminate best practices specific to your institution.

Infoplag is generally included in the Compilatio annual subscription.

Centralise fun and informative resources
Centralise fun and informative resources

related to plagiarism, accessible to your students and teachers

Showcase your
Showcase your

plagiarism-prevention actions via this specialised website

Save time
Save time

for your communication actions thanks to Compilatio's offerings

Easy Customisation
Easy Customisation

of your plagiarism-specific website with an intuitive management interface

And if it were you?


« I am often asked about plagiarism, whether from students or teachers. I would like to have a digital platform for communication, always accessible to everyone, to aggregate information about copying/pasting and best practices for citations. »

Like Marie, you're looking for:
- Fun anti-plagiarism communications that respect your school's identity
- Educational resources about plagiarism
- A unified and shared awareness of plagiarism


« I would like more transparency about our plagiarism regulations to strengthen the quality of education provided in our school. »

Like Romain, you're looking for:
- Centralised information about copyright
- An explanation of the risks and punishments and everyone's rights and obligations
- Communication regarding your institution's actions related to academic integrity


« As a teacher in a high school, I need to be guided to really understand what plagiarism is, to know how to prevent it and to share this information with my students. »

Like Yannick, you're looking for:
- Quick implementation of preventive communication materials
- Expertise and guidance in the plagiarism-prevention process
- A common source of information for teachers and students

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Compilatio Infoplag

Communicate about plagiarism

Communication takes time, creating content and adapting the format to the means of
communication. Compilatio has designed a plagiarism-specific website tailored to your
institution. The website provides an overview of the concepts of copyright and intellectual
property: definitions, resources, best practices, your institution's regulations, etc.
With Compilatio's Infoplag, teachers and students have the same information about
plagiarism. It conveys the values of honesty and fairness to safeguard the
school's quality of education.