Integrate Compilatio directly into your LMS

Plagiarism prevention and detection in your educational platform

Make your plagiarism prevention actions even more effective by integrating Compilatio services directly into your educational platform.

With all your teaching tools in the same place, it will be easier to raise awareness about plagiarism.

Implementation is possible across various platform instances by using an identification key per instance (API): Moodle, Microsoft Teams, BrightspaceCanvas, Sakai, BlackBoard, Chamilo, Dokeos, Claroline, etc.

Compilatio - educational platform

Why should you integrate plagiarism prevention into your educational platform?

  • Ensure the plagiarism prevention policy's dissemination throughout the entire institution by including the concept of digital citizenship in the platform
  • Discuss "copying/pasting" in several courses and exercises
  • Integrate plagiarism analysis of submitted work, ensuring fairness in how students are treated: all written work is analysed, without prejudice
  • Provide teachers with a new writing assessment tool or increase the use of the Compilatio Magister tool  (+20% compared to projects that don't integrate into their platform).
  • Give teachers extra motivation to use the platform


LMS educational platform

Compilatio & your LMS educational platform

Integrate plagiarism prevention through Compilatio service tools in Moodle, Microsoft Teams, BrightspaceCanvas, Sakai, BlackBoard, Chamilo, Dokeos, Claroline, etc.

Steps for integrating Compilatio into your educational platform

Contact your Compilatio representative
Fill out the technical form for your choice of integration
Follow the instructions provided by Compilatio
Configure your instances with activation keys
Tell teachers about your initiative for bolstering academic integrity
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