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Magister, for plagiarism-free work

Tools for teaching and assessment

As a teacher, guide your classes through their documentary research and train them to respect intellectual property.

Magister by Compilatio allows you to save time by accessing turnkey educational resources and automatically checking for copied text in your students' digital submissions.

Save time by checking for plagiarism in digital submissions
Save time by checking for plagiarism in digital submissions
Teach students to respect intellectual property and copyright
Teach students to respect intellectual property and copyright
Uphold academic integrity and the quality of education
Uphold academic integrity and the quality of education
Implications of active plagiarism prevention in secondary and higher education

Implications of active plagiarism prevention in secondary and higher education

The purpose of a career in teaching is to impart new knowledge and skills, help students find solutions to problems and develop critical thinking. As a teacher, you pass on values that shape future responsible citizens: integrity, honesty, authenticity, etc.

During their academic career, students learn to respect the work of others and enrich academic and scientific research.

Compilatio's Magister, a comprehensive programme to prevent and detect plagiarism

Compilatio supports educational institutions in their pedagogical initiative to combat plagiarism. With its Magister Programme, Compilatio furthers plagiarism prevention by providing complementary educational resources: online similarity-detection software, awareness-raising materials, training tools, personalised coaching, etc.

Annual institutional subscription.
No individual subscription for teachers.

Magister Detection Software

Magister Detection Software

  • Individual account per teacher
  • Reliable detection
  • Clear analysis reports
  • Comparison with thousands of documents
Educational resources

Educational resources

  • Turnkey regulatory documents
  • Unlimited access for all teaching staff
  • Training materials for teachers and students
  • Personalised prevention posters


  • Dedicated representative who tracks your project
  • Implementation training for the programme
  • Regular phone check-ins
  • Technical support and guides
Additional services

Additional services

  • Educating and training modules about plagiarism for teachers and students
  • Compilatio questionnaires to reinforce your plagiarism prevention
  • Website dedicated to plagiarism: Infoplag
  • Integration of Magister software into educational platforms

Enhance your plagiarism-prevention project

Your website dedicated to plagiarism, to centralise your resources and information

Questionnaires to survey teachers and students to assess and reinforce your anti-plagiarism project

Compilatio integration with Moodle, Claroline, Dokeos, Chamilo, etc. to bolster the prevention and detection of plagiarism

Modules for teachers and students to raise awareness about copyright

Magister Detection Software, an easy-to-use educational tool

Magister Detection Software, an easy-to-use educational tool

  • Prepare documents to analyse

Manual or automated upload of documents to be analysed. Remote submission of work by students directly into the Magister interface effectively holds students accountable.

  • Run analyses of textual similarities

Automatic comparison with the open-access global Internet, the database of institutions equipped with Compilatio and the documents analysed by your institution.

  • Assess the quality of the work

Unbiased evaluation of work through side-by-side comparisons with detected sources to verify the quality of citations. Similarity reports serve as a basis for discussion with students to educate them about citation rules.

Why Magister by Compilatio rather than other anti-plagiarism software?

Why Magister by Compilatio rather than other anti-plagiarism software?

  • An anti-plagiarism programme that is flexible and customised for each educational entity
  • Institutional subscription for a strong and homogeneous policy
  • Simple and hierarchical organisation: the Compilatio Project Lead manages teacher accounts
  • Integration with educational platforms (Moodle, Claroline, Dokeos, Chamilo, etc.) to boost usage
  • Reliable algorithms in various languages for all document formats
  • Rich databases for comparison with partner institutions around the world
  • Additional educational content ready for you to use
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Confidentiality of analysed documents, which are encrypted and never sold or disseminated

Which anti-plagiarism solution for your institution? 

Use the complete list of all the criterias you need to consider when choosing a suitable anti-plagiarism solution for your institution.

The Magister toolbox, anti-plagiarism educational resources

The Magister toolbox, anti-plagiarism educational resources

Save time by leveraging turnkey resources developed by academic-integrity experts.

  • Various specialised resources related to copyright
  • Unlimited access for all teaching staff, directly from each Magister user account
  • Freely share or draw from resources related to courses on academic research

And if it were you?


« I love exploring the services that fit into an educational process. In high school, students are there to learn! »

Like Marie, with Compilatio you'll get:
- New educational resources to share with teachers and students
- Easy-to-use digital tools to encourage plagiarism prevention
- Guidance on the topic of plagiarism to bolster academic integrity


« I regularly encounter large amounts of content copied from the Internet in my master's students' work. I wish I could actually focus on truly original work. »

Like Antoine, with Compilatio you'll get:
- Quick solutions to spot plagiarised passages in submissions
- Tips for understanding plagiarism in the classroom
- Materials ready for you to share with your students to educate them about citation rules


« Faced with the multitude of information and communication technologies for education, I need to work with partners who really support me through educational projects. »

Like Alain, with Compilatio you'll get:
- Powerful and user-friendly digital software to easily deploy your anti-plagiarism initiative
- Intuitive pedagogical tools to make everyday life easier for teaching staff
- Gather feedback about teachers' and students' experiences to optimise projects

Webinars to learn about plagiarism

Let's talk about plagiarism. Compilatio invites you to participate in free, no-commitment webinars to delve into subjects associated with academic integrity and raise anti-plagiarism awareness at your institution or in your classroom.

20 mn to discover Compilatio



20 minutes to explore:
  • Educational resources that are easy to apply
  • A positive approach to work without copying/pasting
8 October 2021
11:15 CET 20 min
18 November 2021
17:15 CET 20 min
They show their appreciation

Teaching methodology

« We use Compilatio's Magister software to prevent plagiarism among nursing students and to validate work submitted by students. The first year, we mainly used it for introductory-level research assignments. Then, little by little, we integrated it into our teaching methodology and used it for all written work submitted by students that required research […] »

Awareness-raising approach

« We use Compilatio not in a punitive way but in a process of raising awareness, in preparation for higher education. [...] We ask students to create a composite document, with an assortment of copied-and-pasted text, so they can see the percentage of similarities found by Compilatio plagiarism-detection tools. Then comes the work of learning, when students must adapt the copied texts... They must understand that they can use external sources, but they must absolutely cite them. […] »

Quality service

« In 2007 the Schools-Media Department explored the market to choose a software solution for detecting similarities to supplement our system. This was the beginning of our constructive collaboration with Compilatio. […] the vast majority of our users are very satisfied, and very few want additional training. As for the project lead, the service is of high quality and matches our schools' expectations […] »

Educational aspect

« I greatly appreciated your emphasis on the educational aspect, in terms of sharing information, raising awareness and training, during the training session. It can be easy to punish students, but they will still need to develop the necessary knowledge and skills! »

Thank you for your trust in Compilatio
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Compilatio's Magister Programme

Tool for plagiarism prevention and detection

Compilatio upholds academic integrity and high-quality education.
Through a holistic and personalised approach, Compilatio helps educational institutions and teachers develop their plagiarism-awareness project with appropriate educational tools:
informational webinars, preventive communication materials, articles to share tips and best practices, training sessions, turnkey learning tools, "copy/paste" detection software, etc.