Compilatio Studium :
plagiarism checker and resources to avoid plagiarism in your work

Be confident by delivering quality writing

Detection and self-checking of potential plagiarism

As a student or PhD student, avoid being punished for copying and pasting or other forms of plagiarism
Compilatio Studium allows you to :

  • check that your work is sufficiently authentic,
  • know if your work is copyright compliant,
  • quickly identify areas for improvement in your citations,
  • prove the quality of your paper to your teacher.

Give yourself the means to succeed in your studies with integrity. 

studium - check plagiarism
Confident of turning in plagiarism-free work

Avoid suspicion and punishment for plagiarism, even if unintentional, by analysing your documents before submission. 

avoid plagiarism with studium
Proud to write quality work

Self-check your documents to confirm the right balance between self-written and borrowed or plagiarised content. 

studium plagiarism detection software
Respectful of copyright and research

Ensure academic and scientific integrity by listing the references of your sources in your bibliography.

anti-plagiarism check student

Don't be accused of unintentional plagiarism


Checking for plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else's work as your own. And plagiarism can also occur in the following cases: the use of text-generating artificial intelligence (such as ChatGPT), graphic illustrations, translation, paraphrasing, self-citation, anonymous sources, primary and secondary sources. Did you know?


Understanding how to avoid plagiarism

Compilatio Studium allows you to check plagiarism and quickly identify the sources used in the construction of your academic paper. You can then check plagiarism, by checking that you have cited all your borrowings with good referencing and citation practices.

Compilatio Studium: your writing and citation tools


How to check the sources to be referenced?

Compilatio Studium gives you checkpoints to validate the quality of your work and compliance with good academic practice.

The Compilatio Studium plagiarism detector checks your copy for similarities with the World Wide Web. Your documents are confidential and inaccessible to teachers, even if they use Compilatio Magister.

The toolkit gives you all the resources to self-train in citation and writing methods.

Plagiarsim detector studium

Plagiarsim detection software

  • Percentage of similarities
  • List of detected sources
  • Location of detected sources
  • Edition of a plagiarism report and an analysis certificate
anti-plagiarism tools studium


  • Instructions for using the software
  • Educational resources on plagiarism
  • Guide to citation standards
  • Quizzes and infographics on plagiarism
Compilatio's Studium plagiarsim checker software

Compilatio's Studium plagiarism checker, for your writing


A guarantee of seriousness and peace of mind

  • Thanks to the similarity rate indicated, you will quickly understand if you have written the majority of your assignment yourself. 
  • The list of sources found allows you to check that your biobliography is complete, or to complete it. 
  • With the indication of the locations of the sources found, you can understand in a few clicks which borrowings to cite. 
  • You have the possibility to edit a detailed plagiarism report and a certificate of analysis and to integrate it in your reports. 


👉 Your institution can sponsor you.

Compilatio Studium online plagiarism software: check my work

The Studium toolbox, for your academic success


Self-directed learning

  • Self-training in citation and writing methods
    with resources in different formats: app, infographic, reading sheet, articles...
  • Understand copyright and how to respect it
    with an expert in plagiarism detection: documentary resources on plagiarism, citation names, writing...
  • Assess your knowledge of plagiarism
    with a quiz and definitions.

👉 Download the "Essential rules for avoiding plagiarism" Guide.


Satisfaction Compilatio Studium: students' opinions

Acceptable similarity rate

« Compilatio's Studium allows me to be confident when submitting an assignment. I verify that the rate of similarities in my work (theses, research papers, etc.) is acceptable, based on recommendations from my teachers, who themselves also check for instances of plagiarism in assignments with the Magister detection tool. »

Respect of copyright

« I run my important writing assignments for university (internship reports, senior thesis, etc.) through Compilatio Studium and mention this in my assignment. This allows me to underscore my desire not to cheat and to respect guidelines and copyright. »

Why Compilatio Studium
rather than another plagiarism detector?

how to check my work for plagiarism
Confidentiality of your documents

Your assignments on Compilatio Studium are not sold or made available to third parties, even if they use Compilatio Magister.

studium - college plagiarism checker
Tool validated by your trainers

Most of your teachers use the teacher's version to check your assignments.

free checking for plagiarism
Free account creation

With no obligation to buy, take advantage of the Toolbox and the test assignment to make up your own mind.

studium - plagiarism fixer
Several assignments analysed with a fixed price

Packages can be used throughout the year for several documents,

studium reliable plagiarism detector
Ease of use and reliability

Pleasant and intuitive interface. Reliability of analyses: World Wide Web and texts already analysed.

Compilatio's Studium packages
tailored to your needs

Packages can be combined and used for 1 year for several documents,
1 credit used for every 250 words, i.e. approximately 1 page.
Studium 20 credits
5.000 words
approximately 20 pages

Ideal for checking:

  • Research paper
  • Presentation
  • Homework assignment

A very small price

Best seller
Studium 100 credits
25.000 words
approximately 100 pages

Ideal for analysing each section of:

  • Dissertation
  • Internship report
  • Thesis

Instead of 19.95€ (degressive price
compared to the 5000 words package)

Studium 200 credits
50.000 words
approximately 200 pages

Ideal for checking, correcting, and creating:

  • Bibliography for a dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Final thesis

Instead of 39.90€ (degressive price
compared to the 5000 words package)

Studium 500 credits
125,000 words
approximately 500 pages

Ideal for:

  • Analysing the year's assignments and making progress
  • Improve your writing

Instead of 99,75€ (degressive price
compared to the 5000 words package)

plagiarism software for students

With Compilatio Magister, is it possible for my teachers to detect...

...documents uploaded to Compilatio Studium?

No. Documents uploaded to Compilatio Studium are confidential. No-one but you has access to your content.  Click HERE to find out more.

...the use of an unreferenced source? Yes.

✅ Yes. With Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+, teachers can detect similarities between your content and other sources. It's up to them to check that you have quoted them correctly.

...translation and rephrasing of a borrowed passage?

✅ Yes. With Compilatio Magister+, your teachers can detect passages that you have translated or reworded.

...the use of text generative AI?

✅ Yes. With Compilatio Magister+, teachers detect both similarities and AI-generated content (such as ChatGPT, Bard, YouChat...).

...the alteration of a text in an attempt to conceal borrowing?

✅ Yes. Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+ softwares make visible attempts to alter text in order to fool the Compilatio algorithm. Example: blank characters between each word.

Avoid plagiarism with Compilatio Studium,
it's quick and easy!

I create my account
and upload my document.
I choose my package
based on the number of words to analyse.
I run the detection software
and analyse the similarity results.
I correct my work
using the sources found for guidance
I submit my writing without worry
and indicate that I have checked my assignment with Compilatio Studium
studium - plagiarism checker student

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Check your work with Compilatio Studium plagiarism detector

Avoid the consequences of plagiarism

Present yourself in the most authentic way possible, through your academic writing.

As a pupil, student or doctoral student, Compilatio Studium accompanies you so that you can be serene when handing in your paper, proud of its quality and respectful of copyright. Thus, you detect the borrowed sources to be referenced thanks to the plagiarism software for students. And you train yourself in proper research, citation and referencing methods with the Studium toolkit. In this way, you will understand what plagiarism is (even unintentional) and how to avoid the infringement and penalties associated with plagiarism.

Enhance your integrity with Compilatio Studium.