Compilatio was charmed by the idea of “La Tricyclerie,” which offers to collect organic waste to make compost by bicycle. To encourage and grow this great idea  Compilatio has chosen to support the association, and we are pleased to share its story.

“The last pedal stroke from the plate to the ground”

Everything started from one observation: organic waste represents 30% of our bins, and this figure rises to 50% for catering professionals! However, after decomposition, organic waste is transformed into a formidable source of life and improves soil fertility through compost.

In the city of Nantes, in France, there is a common desire among stakeholders to achieve the goal of “zero waste” in their city. However, due to the lack of viable options, the majority of their organic waste continued to be incinerated.

Compilatio et la tricyclerie


But a solution was born! The idea was to set up a way of recovering compostable waste by adopting a coherent, social, and solidarity-based approach. What does this mean? By using bikes: a soft, agile, and urban-friendly transport mode that creates a social bond. Bikes also offer the ability to pull a trailer to increase load capacity and it has zero impact at the collection source.

What does this mean concretely? It means an organic bin with a lid can be in every kitchen to collect peelings and other organic waste from meal preparation. It also means a bi-weekly collection carried out with a smile by their tireless tricycle riders. After several months the waste breaks down and creates compost! The circle is complete and this local black gold returns to the earth and makes local market gardeners happy.

 Collecting and composting organic waste by bicycle in all the cities of France… This is inspiring, no?! (…)

 The objective is to spread the idea of la Tricyclerie (or the same concept) in a shared way in order to respond together to this need that concerns us all: a better ecological sorting and recycling of our peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and others treasures we can find in our plates!”


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To set up a Tricyclerie or make a donation to the association, please visit

Compilation supports “la tricyclerie” and its effort to transform organic waste in compost