Who is Compilatio?

Compilatio, a major player in plagiarism prevention and detection

Anti-plagiarism expert

Since 2005, Compilatio has offered tools to help detect and prevent plagiarism. Frédéric Agnès, founder and CEO, attests to how issues related to plagiarism prevention and detection have evolved:

"Compilatio users were first attracted by the ability to track down cheaters by using software to detect similarities in texts. They are now increasingly interested in services that encourage the values of digital citizenship and integrity. They use similarity-detection software as a pedagogical tool, in addition to other resources to reinforce learning (guides, training, etc.)." 

Compilatio in figures

95% re-subscription
95% of schools re-subscribe

to Compilatio Magister every year.

92% satisfaction
92% of users satisfied

with the technical support provided by Compilatio.

4 million students educated
4 million students educated

in partner institutions

Compilatio in 35 countries
Compilatio is present in 38 countries

around the world.

online anti-plagiarism software

Compilatio today: a major player in plagiarism prevention and detection in the world of education and writing

  • A specialist in combating plagiarism since 2005
  • An educational vision for anti-plagiarism policies
  • A growing international presence
  • An undisputed leader in French-speaking markets
  • Thirty multilingual experts to guide you
  • Continuous support with a dedicated contact
  • Innovative educational resources to share
  • Powerful and reliable tools
  • A company in step with technological advances

Compilatio's three main pillars

avoid plagiarism academic work
Raising awareness

Raising awareness of intellectual property to encourage academic integrity: providing educational advice and preventive communication materials.

fight against plagiarism
Guided learning

Guided learning of best practices for research, writing, citations and referencing to foster digital citizenship: a support team and follow-up discussions to guide you.

anti-plagiarism control

Evaluate the adherence to guidelines and acquisition of knowledge through plagiarism detection to promote the authenticity of written work: rapid analyses and reliable results, comparisons with thousands of documents, data confidentiality, etc.

Compilatio antiplagiarism software

The values that guide Compilatio

  • Originality / Authenticity

Learn to think for yourself and be proud to contribute original insights and output

  • Intellectual Integrity

Promote the sharing of knowledge

  • Goodwill

Do your best in full transparency

  • Accountability

Take responsibility for your choices and actions

  • Respect

Recognise the work of others and follow the law, upholding justice and promoting copyright

Compilatio antiplagiarism

Compilatio's commitments

  • Support

Support teachers in evaluating student work via a positive and educational approach

  • Objectivity

Guidance in defining an academic framework based on objective indicators

  • Value of diplomas

Preserve education quality and institutions' reputations

  • Enforce the law

Actively participate in the respect of copyright and intellectual property

  • Guidance

Educate about best practices for writing and citations and encourage continuous learning

  • Efficient tools

Offer tools suitable for problem areas: ease of use and proven effectiveness

Plagiarism is not some transient problem

anti-plagiarism tool
Frédéric AGNÈS :

"Compilatio customers understand that plagiarism is not some transient problem to eradicate, but rather a deep-rooted temptation that every individual must learn to overcome. The technology to help teachers detect types of cheating has also changed over time. The initial approach was syntactic, comparing texts to discern exact similarities. It then became semantic, seeking to find connections between various words with the same meaning. Advances in artificial intelligence are now enabling new avenues to explore. Plagiarism prevention illustrates how technology and pedagogy can be combined to educate students with a view toward their future professional and civic lives." 

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